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Crib Buying Tips

  • NEVER use a Drop Side Style Crib  The design has been linked to many accidental deaths as a result of side malfunctions.  These cribs have been banned,are illegal to sell and should be destroyed.

  • Don't buy or accept a Second-hand Crib. As tempting as the price may sound, it's not worth risking your child's safety.  Many older cribs do not meet today's design standards for safety and may even contain lead or any number of dangerous toxins.  For this reason, we sell Green Guard cribs and Green Guard Gold certified cribs which are healthy and safe for your precious little one.   

  • Buy a Certified Brand from a reputable retailer.  The longer a company has been in business, the more likely it will be there in the future to notify you of any product updates or recalls.  Be sure to register your crib after purchase through the manufacturer so that you can be sure to receive updates and notifications on your furniture product.   

  • Mattress Settings  The height should be adjustable.  When your baby begins to sit up, its time to lower the mattress one level.  When he or she begins to pull up in the crib to stand, lower it again another setting.  Most cribs that we sell have three or four adjustable height settings.   

  • Crib Size The crib should hold a standard size crib mattress.  Check the fit by placing two fingers between the mattress and side of the crib; there should be no more than that amount of empty space.  A mattress that is too small is dangerous and could allow the baby to become stuck in the space.  A crib mattress should be firm as these are the best for the baby's spine, safety, and health.  Crib and Teen City has a wide selection of crib mattresses.  We offer a five year high density foam crib mattress with our four piece package nursery sets.    

  • Construction  To check the stability of a crib, give it a good shake.  If it seems unstable, it is. Dont buy it!  Check that the slats meet the safety requirement for spacing; the openings should be  no more than 2 3/8 inches.  If the crib has corner posts, they hould be less than 1/16 of an inch.  High corner posts or finials can catch on clothing and injure the child.

  • Toddler Rails and Conversion Rail Kits  If you have chosen to purchase a convertible crib, consider buying the toddler guard rail at the same time--you may need it sooner than you think!  Some children climb out of the crib as early as 16 months, while others don't attempt to get out until 2 or 3 years old.  All children are different.  Talk to your pediatrician about the transition from crib to toddler bed. Convertible cribs also convert to a full sized bed with an optional conversion rail kit which includes matching wooden side rails and a slat roll support.  If you have plans to utilize your crib in the future as a full sized bed, it is recommended to purchase a conversion rail kit at the time of your crib purchase to ensure availability and proper color matching.    

  • Crib Bumpers  Yes, they look very pretty and many cribs are displayed beautifully with these bedding sets; however, they are no longer recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and are considered a SIDS risk.  Breathable bumpers are highly recommended and can be purchased in many baby chain stores. 

*Always consult your pediatrician regarding your child's health and safety risks