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Local Delivery 

What are the Delivery Hours?
  • Crib and Teen City Delivers Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.  We currently do not offer weekend deliveries.  Holidays vary based upon our calendar schedule.  We reserve the right to not make deliveries on national holidays and religious holidays.       
  • The majority of our deliveries include assembly of a child's bed or a baby's crib. This must be done perfectly with extreme care and concentration. The person who is assembling a child's crib or bed cannot be distracted or in a rush to make the next stop on time. This is the way mistakes are made. We will not compromise the safety of any child by creating an inflexible schedule that may cause injury due to hastily assembled furniture. Please be patient with our delivery windows and be sure to be flexible.   
How should I prepare for my delivery?
  • Please remove any furniture or other items that are in the room where your new furniture will be placed. Entry ways should also be clear. Our trucks deliver at full capacity each day so unfortunately we do not offer moving services. **Read the back of your receipt for more detailed information regarding deliveries, refunds, cancellations etc.

  • Could the driver call me to meet the truck so I don't have to wait at home?
  • Our Drivers will contact you approximately 1/2 an hour before your stop. Please be sure to provide a cell phone number. You need not stay at home all day but it is suggested that you keep your schedule free of other appointments for that day so you will be able to meet the drivers when they call. 
Cancellations Due to Weather
  • During the winter months, delivery trucks may be unable to leave due to ice or snow conditions. If this occurs and the scheduled deliveries for that day are cancelled, it will be posted on our website and you will be contacted the next business day to re-schedule. You may also receive a phone call cancelling your delivery but this is not guaranteed in cases of extreme weather.  Please be understanding of this policy and Mother Nature.   
  • If your home or driveway is inaccessible due to weather conditions, please contact us to reschedule at 973-247-7200 Ext 208.
How do I make my final payment?
  • You may pay on the day of delivery with cash or a certified check. You can also go to your local Crib and Teen City and make payment in person two days prior to your delivery day.  If needed you can call in to the store where you purchased prior to your delivery day and make a payment by phone on your Amex, Discover, Visa, MasterCard or debit card.  All phone payments must be made directly to the store of purchase with your ticket number from your receipt two days prior to your day of delivery.  Phone in payments also must be authorized and verification by way of email may be requested of you to complete processing.  When making a phone payment, please be sure to give your email address for confirmation.   
Can I pay the drivers on the day of delivery with my credit card?
  • Credit card payments must be made in person at the store two days before your delivery.
My building requires a certificate of insurance, how do I get one?
  • Please contact your building manager and request that a fax be sent to Crib and Teen City with your management companies written requirements. We will then process it with our insurance carrier and submit it according to the request. The paperwork should be faxed to 973-278-9118 at least 3 days prior to your delivery date. Also, if you are in an elevator building, please check with your management company to be sure that you do not need to reserve an elevator time.  If you do, please take the proper measures to reserve the elevator use and schedule through our delivery department.  Additional charges may apply in elevator buildings if a reservation is required.  Walk up buildings may also require an additional delivery charge depending upon floor location and accessibility.   
Why do you charge a recycling fee for the cartons?
  • Instead of raising the delivery charge to include carton removal, we offer this optional service for an additional charge of $20. Most delivery companies will not take back the cartons at all.